Top Design: Life’s A Beach

Who are these hacks and why should we care about their opinions? Verbal abuse and deconstructive criticism reach an all-time low this week on Top Design. One design choice or the other was assailed this week and not in a constructive manner. Delivered with acid tongues, because that’s what makes good television, the somewhat faceless judges became meaner this week, perhaps to establish themselves as Bravo worthy luminaries such as Heidi Klum and Micheal Kors. The comment Jonathan Adler makes about Elizabeth’s color choices for her teams cabana stung – “horrible.” Thankfully, she spoke up in the end interview after elimination and said that was just “bullsh*t.”

The talented and likable Goil made an architecturally interesting cabana that evoked a sail. However, his teammates Ryan (Rollins meets Van Halen) and Carisa couldn’t quite agree on how to furnish the cabana. Ryan sparred constantly with Carisa, who resented that he delegated for himself the furniture shopping while she had to shop for fabric. Carisa in turn retaliated with her purchases — she covered Ryan’s flamboyant pillows with solid color fabrics.

Felicia, Andrea, and Michael created the winning choice – a roofless Tahitian style cabana with sheer curtains. But even they did not escape harsh criticism for having no cover on the roof.

Shirtless carpenters helping to finish the cabanas on the beach was a bonus – some of them were definitely hot. But, brief appearances of hunky men baring flesh isn’t enough to carry a show, even with some gay demographics.

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