Top Design: One Man’s Trash

Why do I watch this show, especially since I’ve been down on the judges? It must be a guilty pleasure, somewhat like watching American Idol. However, I do find myself liking some of the hopeful designers’ work. However, I find the judges and their comments far reaching at times.

Thou shalt not blaspheme the tools of the trade. This is what Ryan does when he tells his modus operandi to the judges, saying he doesn’t like to use the colorchips. Jonathan Adler and Margaret Russell can’t believe their what they’re hearing. “Do you want to be a designer?” How dare this unqualified young man shoot down one of their sacred cows?

I liked his room and what he did with the items purchased from the garage sale. The room seperator, though chaotic, had its strange beauty. I could see how his client, a design student, felt like she was in jail when she saw it, but this was wild and out there, just like he promised. The double function table and the wall art that transformed into chairs was innovative. Unfortunately, the judges weren’t too impressed and he found himself a candidate for elimination. He was saved by a designer with a penchant for crochet blankets — she went home instead.

He showed he wants to approach interior design as fine art. Getting back to Margaret Russell’s offensive question, “Do you want to be a designer?” Duh. He’s doing the work. The question’s more relevant if all he talked about was design without having anything to show for it.

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