Top Design: Life of the Party

Last week, I tuned out on the episode. Ryan had to go last week, which is the only thing I remember. Oh, and it was about teamwork.

This time again, there were two teams to create unique atmosphere for tent parties for Bacardi Limon. What can you really do with a tent? They have to decorate with the five senses in mind, and they had a budget of $8500 per team.

Goil, Erik, and Andrea get together to build an Icelandic type party. It’s Goil’s dream collaboration, working with Andrea, but this will soon unravel. The marriage made in hell from the beginning is Carissa and Michael with Matt along for the ride. Carissa and Michael clash on ideas, while Goil feels shut out from his team when it comes to contributing his ideas. His chandelier idea gets modified towards something not like anything he conceived, feeding into his resentment towards his teammates. Thankfully, he doesn’t leave. That honor goes to Erik.

The Icelandic type of party is more adventurous, but Carissa’s party, while more conservative, is more A-list and successful. The bouncer had a lot to do with it, but the tables with the lemons under the glass was a nice touch. Otherwise, it was a standard arrangement of rectangles. Carissa’s team wins in spite of her. She does not do well in teamwork, which shows when she rolls her eyes when Michael talks to the judges. She’s not aware of it, which shows in how prepared she is to talk about it.

Jonathan Adler’s ensemble – hideous. What is up with those stripes and the polka dot tie. The way he said “partay” made me cringe as well. Margaret Russell is more subdued (being fiercer in ealier episodes), while Kelly Wearstler looks lovely as ever, but doesn’t say much, but is very astute, nonethess.

Shear Genius is coming up in April right when Top Design closes out. Do we really need one of these Project Runway formula shows? If I were to put these programs so far in tiers, Project Runway would be on top, Top Chef would be in the middle, and Top Design would be way at the bottom. Perhaps interior designers aren’t as flamboyant and they just don’t make good television. Or, Bravo just needs to give it a rest. Hair and the personalities that come with it hopefully will be entertaining. Santino times twelve.

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