What The Hell Is Up with .Mac?

Being an Apple user, I got suckered into having a .Mac account when I bought my iBook. Perhaps suckered is a strong word, as I thought (and still think) having Mac in my e-mail address is cool. My main beef with them right now is how they are “improving” the .Mac site. Last week, when I logged on to use my e-mail on the new, improved .Mac, I couldn’t access my e-mail at all on the webmail site. I had to log into the account section and then click “mail.” The bugs seemed to be worked out until this morning. I can’t access my e-mail on the webmail site, so I’ve had to resort to setting up Gmail to access my e-mail.

Perhaps the answer is as simple as getting a new computer, but that’s not in the budget right now. Well, I can still dream.

5 thoughts on “What The Hell Is Up with .Mac?

  1. I am also part of the Mac cult — I had to finally make the switch at home because my personal tech support / access to free software works for a large PC maker. I’m still a Mac-er at work, and most of my best work is Mac driven.That said, I’ve never been thrilled with their online services — they had this blink-and-you-missed it alternative to AOL back in the mid-90s called … oh, crap. Was it iVillage? Something like that.Anyway, I dutifully signed up, went away to Egypt for a year and came back to discover that the service had shut down to the point where I couldn’t even retrieve old e-mails just so I’d have a copy.Hence, I’ve been a little wary of .mac …

  2. PC’s are anathema. I’ve had one go bad on me in the late 90’s. Tell me there isn’t a Microsoft mole working on .Mac.

  3. I let my .mac account expire, though I was really enjoying how cool it was too.I realized that I only had it because it was fun to be part of the cult of mac, and I had tons of other e-mail addresses for free as well as my own webspace for storage. 🙂

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