No Longer Gay?

I found this on Ex-Gay Watch about Michael Glatze, former editor of Young Gay America, who does a 180 after finding Jesus though dealing with his illness and personal problems.

Why is it when some gays “find Jesus,” they become serious homophobes? Perhaps the question is, when some gay activists become “born again Christians,” why do they go on a campaign to inflict their self-loathing upon everyone else?

The new, reformed Glatze now denounces the aims and goals of his magazine and sees homosexuality as not only the root of his problems, but everyone else’s as well. He seems to be unaware of the damaging effects of the closets when they are places to hide, not store one’s frocks and fabulous shoes. The frightening thing is I have met religious closeted types who dress better than me or any other out gay or lesbian person I know.

I digress, but what he says is interesting:

God gave us truth for a reason. It exists so we could be ourselves. It exists so we could share that perfect self with the world, to make the perfect world. These are not fanciful schemes or strange ideals.

The idea of truth existing so we could be ourselves sounds wonderful. Unfortunately, the context is Glatze’s newfound hateful rhetoric. Here is the the rest of what he says, right from the horse’s mouth.

Another interesting though on Ex-Gay Watch: Relationship with God: Who Needs the Ex-Gay Middleman?

2 thoughts on “No Longer Gay?

  1. hey shindo,it is truly sad that these people lose all sense of what being christian is. the idea of love and compassion for your fellow man is such a simple ideal yet they just don’t get it.i guess for them it’s love your fellow man as you love yourself. meaning they hate themselves so they therefore hate those like themselves.

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