From The Horse’s Mouth

I received this lovely response from Michael Glatze regarding “No Longer Gay?,” one of my posts from Tuesday, July 3 (I’m sure I’m not the only one). I did, as a courtesy, include his “coming out” as ex-gay column as a link in my post, but giving the reader access to his story isn’t enough. In all fairness, his side of the story along with his insipid, but deadly theology should be heard. He did ask me to post this to my blog, and I’m obliging him. I am too kind.

To My Friends Who Are Trapped In Homosexuality
By Michael Glatze

Dear friend,

Thank you for your kind comments and keen observations regarding my story and my revelation about no longer being homosexual and now being heterosexual. I thank you for the time that you have spent in considering this issue, deeply, and with great passion. God loves you.

God is right there, within you, whether you like to see Him or not. Can you humble yourself to Him? It’s a really nice feeling. I know that, in some small way, you want to. We all do. We don’t like being separated from our Father; it makes us sad and lonely, forcing us to be angry, to act out, to get vulgar… well, I won’t go on; many of you have already demonstrated, on your blog comments, exactly what I’m
talking about. ?

God love you, Yes! He does! And, He wants you to be free from homosexuality. God made us men and women. Think about that; you could – really – be a man or a woman! Not a strange creature… but, real! That’s awesome… ?

Change is very difficult and takes a lot of inner strength. Do you have that strength? I promise you that the Gay Identity does not exist, that it is a fabrication of mankind (look it up, if you don’t believe me), and that you are not “trapped” in same-sex-orientation. To believe that you are Gay is to be stupid. I’m sorry, if that sounds cruel; it’s not cruel. To believe that you are a false identity, created by man, unnaturally, to participate in social engineering, is
to be stupid.

It’s not the acts, as much as it is the Identity. No one ever told you that, before, because they wanted to feed you with the lie that homosexuality is a set thing. Any intelligent “homosexual” knows there’s no fixed Gay Identity. If you don’t believe me, ask the theorists or “intellectuals.” ?

Gay Identity has been packaged and fed to you, and – if you believe yourself to be “Gay” – you have eaten it, preventing you from further growth and understanding of your true and real self.

Coming out from under this packaged lie requires strong self-confidence and will and desire to know the Truth. Yes, Truth is capitalized. It is that way for a reason. There is only one Truth.

That one Truth is the fact that you are beautiful, perfect, and glorious, in the image of He who created you… God. There is only one God. I know it may be hard for you to get your head around the paradoxical nature of God… but, He is everywhere “out there” and – at the same time – right inside your soul. He sees and knows you. He
loves you. ?

He wants you to be free of homosexuality. I promise you that. He’s rooting for you; He knows you can do it. Remember, He loves you! He’s not judging you – those angry voices in your mind, planted there by Satan, might scream and judge and ridicule – but, no; He’s not judging you. He has patience. He’ll give you strength. All you have to do is pray to Him.

Prayer and love – True Love, my dear friends – requires total humility. Can you do that?

I know, in my heart, that all homosexuals desire to be free.

It is a new world, one in which the lie will not stand much longer. The tide is turning. Be not afraid! It’s a good change! Jesus will come. ? And, when that day happens, will you be – truly – yourself!? Or, will you be a demon, trapped in a fabrication not your own, lusting and hating and destroying your soul to hell? Consider this one last thing: all the love you may believe you feel for yourself or for someone else, while trapped in the homosexual mindset, is a grain of sand on the beach of the love that you could feel. Healing is possible. When you choose to go there, you know who to call on for help. His name is Jesus Christ.

Michael Glatze

Chris is right. Those smilies are so annoying. Did Glatze’s conversion, LIKE, turn him into a Valley Girl? Like, Omigod! It’s like totally awesome!

It’s fun to find out that Michael Glatze’s now a Mormon. This I found out on Ex-Gay watch this morning:

I also confirmed I’m not the only blogger hit by the e-mail reproduced in full above.

6 thoughts on “From The Horse’s Mouth

  1. Is it sad that the first reaction I had to this column is that I find his constant usage of smiley faces annoying?For someone who uses as much false logic as he does to accuse others of false logic would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic.You are a stronger person than I, Shindo. I would have hit the delete button and gone right on with my day …

  2. Out of editorial fairness, I did it. Plus, since I have made fun of them (perps like Glatze and Richard Cohen) on this blog, I figured I’d put up his statement. What better way to see how ridiculous they are than to show the statements they make?The letter says very little about his journey to no longer be gay. It’s not anything I haven’t heard before. It’s stupid blanket dogma.A lapse of some sorts (a la John Paulk) is most likely in the future. I wonder how juicy the story will be?

  3. Wow. He’s not very smart, is he? The letter makes no logical sense at all. It’s one thing to think he can become straight, but it’s another to try to justify that belief through Jesus. Because, ya know, Jesus was an expert in psycho-sexuality. What a doorknob.

  4. Doorknob is right. Although, I have a feeling he’ll become an undercover knob-lobber if he isn’t already.How many of these ex-gays have either hooked up with each other or gone off to the gay bar or bath house to pick up men? No doubt many.Ted and Chris, the guy is a certifiable nutjob.

  5. “It’s fun to find out that Michael Glatze’s now a Mormon.”You misspelled “Moron”.And being without god makes me vulgar? Fuck that.

  6. Doorknob and moron he is. A collection plate for more colorfully descriptive terms to add to the list is being passed around.

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