TV on ShindoTV

Here’s some TV reviews for Monday. “Television turns me on” is an appropriate quote from the House of Love’s “I Don’t Know Why I Love You.”

Live Earth
I have to confess, I missed out on this whole event. On Saturday afternoon, I was dealing with my personal clutter and thus being environmentally responsible on a very local level. Plus, when it came time to watch TV, I watched Sex and the City re-runs instead. I then fell asleep a little after 10:30. I got a phone call from my friend Sharon, who’s been following this event, that Yellow Magic Orchestra (Ryuichi Sakamoto‘s old band) reunited and had the last performance. Unfortunately, I got her message on Sunday morning.

Great idea, but poorly promoted. Only on Bravo and the Sundance Channel? Only the truly devoted who have cable and are with it can tune in. However, the people who need to hear the message miss out and go on with their pollutin’ ways.

I’m so looking forward to Eureka tomorrow night. Considering how hooked I was on Battlestar Galactica and that I’ve been experiencing withdrawal symptoms, this quirky dramedy is a nice subsitute. Though the small town with bizarre (supernatural) secrets is not original, the hot lead, the ensemble cast, and the writing make up for it (even though it tends to have shades of Star Trek).

Although there are not videos to catch up with Eureka on the Sci-Fi Channel, you can watch this brief behind the scenes vid about “The Science of Humor” and get treated to the scene of Colin Ferguson in a bedsheet.

Catch up with Eureka‘s First Season on iTunes.

Speaking of Battlestar, stay tuned during Eureka’s season two premier during breaks for the Razor trailer.

Guilty Pleasure
Charm School had its first class reunion last night, and it showed some of these girls need to be enrolled in a real charm school. Shatar of the bad weave at least took some time to get a new one, though she is as delusional as ever (descended from royalty my ass!). The slutatious (a Mo’Nique moniker) Brooke offers no apologies for her whoring around, though she is in constant danger of falling out of her dress. Sapphyri has her moment as a gracious winner, but runner-up Leilene maintains her aplomb throughout the reunion, given the easy temptation of of bitching out Brook (who counted on her being a pushover when they were in Charm School). The best is saved for last as the reunion sinks to a Jerry Springer low: the unrepentant Larissa shares some words with ex-friend Shay, Mo’Nique sternly lectures Larissa, and Larissa’s mother demonstrates the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree as she rushes the stage to confont Mo’Nique.

6 thoughts on “TV on ShindoTV

  1. Will season two be the one in which Carter and Stark discover the Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name (without resorting to fan fic)? Can we hope?Also, I hear a rumor in which Battlestar finally gets gay action … or, more specifically, lesbian action. Of course. Straight boys write the show. Shoulda seen that one coming …

  2. Carter and Stark – god that sounds hot.Re BSG: Straight boys write the show, yet they wind up wind up with some of the hottest men ever. That never happnened in Star Trek until Enterprise.

  3. Yeah, but none of the hot boys ever express any interest in each other.I still have memories of that scene in the Enterprise pilot. “oh, we were exposed to a space virus. Let’s strip to our underwear and rub antibiotic goo all over each other.”Good times …

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