Eureka, Season 2: Phoenix Rising

I just caught the second season premier of Eureka last night.

In Season 1’s finale (Once In A Lifetime), Henry changes the timeline by preventing Kim from getting burnt to a crispy critter, only to have it restored because it threatens to unravel the universe. Season Two picks up after Kim’s tragic death, where two more people in Section 5 suddenly combust. Chili and a solar eclipse are the initial culprits in the the two scientists’ deaths, but the “Artififact” turns out to be cause and nearly claims Dr. Stark.

Henry and Jack Carter are the only ones with the memory of the alternate timeline, and this episode strongly hints that Henry’s actions will eventually bring about the “Once In A Lifetime” timeline. Facilitating that move is his “blinky-thinging” Carter Men In Black style to forget and seeking an official job at the laboratory.

The technology angle is definitely more Star Trek as Henry plays a holographic record of Kim’s death and Dr. Stark gets a burn treated with a dermal regenerator. Carter doesn’t miss the opportunity to quip about Stark getting a botox injection.

The ending leaves us expecting some stranger things regarding the “Artifact” to come.

As for hot men, we get treated to some skin shots with both Carter and Stark (not together, and definitely in the same scene). Carter takes a phone call from Allison while in the shower, only to have it be a video conference (a decision made by the Smart house when he expected audio only). Stark being only in boxer briefs is medically motivated, but he has a nice, fit body. He gets electroshock therapy to prevent him from suddenly combusting, so we get to see him “naked and tortured.”

Nathan Stark looks like he’s approximately 6’5,” which is hot. I’ve always been a thing for big, tall men.

The trailer for Razor, the two hour movie about more that happened in BSG’s “Pegasus” highlighted the suspense and action we can expect in TV movie coming up in the fall. Michelle Forbes will reprise her role as Admiral Cain. Though there’s been a lot of information out there that the Pegasus story line is expanded in the movie, why eludes me. Perhaps there is something from that period that connect to where BSG left off.

Season 1 Catchup:

  • Pilot: Something’s not right about this small town. One of them’s a temporal anomaly. Also, Carter gets more than he bargained for when he gets a “promotion.”
  • Many Happy Returns: Here, we’re introduced to the evilly sexy Dr. Stark, the new head of Global Enterprise, who’s obsessed with the “Artifact.” Problem of the anomaly solved for now. Also, the Smart house where Carter lives is introduced.
  • Before I Forget: Henry finds his romance with Kim has been erased, but rekindles it at the end.
  • Invincible: The “Artifact” enables a socially phobic researcher to heal himself.
  • Once In A Lifetime: Carter finds himself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife (Allison). However, it’s an alternate timeline created by Henry to prevent Kim from dying in a freak accident by the “Artifact.”

Season 1 episodes are also available on iTunes.

2 thoughts on “Eureka, Season 2: Phoenix Rising

  1. Didn’t your mamma ever teach you not to post spoilers out in the open? Have you learned nothing from my experiences saying nasty things about Milo Ventimiglia?Although I must say you’ve given me a reason to queue up the Tivo and get ready to pause in strategic places…

  2. Yes, she did, but I always wind up learning her lessons the hard way.I know the skin flick isn’t a regular treat from Eureka, so I enjoy them as they come. The season 2 premier definitely hit us with a double whammy.I can’t wait for BSG to return with its skinflicks (you know who).

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