Open Letter to an Ex-Boss

In publicly bringing closure to this whole bad job issue from last year, I post this open letter to the lovely woman who was my boss for six months.

—— ———
The Company
K&OM Ith Avenue
Ste. LMM
San Diego, CA 92JML

Dear Ms. ———,
Towards the end of my exit interview back in January, you expressed that you hoped I wouldn’t feel any bitterness towards the Company. I must say, though, that I have nothing but good feelings and joyful thoughts towards you and the Company that you represent. My experience with the Company has been one of the most positive in my working life.

First of all, I must commend you on your ability to spend the Company’s money. Some of your choices may be extravagant, but it’s definitely for the long term good. When we moved into our new office, state of the art appliances were installed. The refrigerator and the dishwasher did not match, so in your infinite wisdom, you had a perfectly good (and brand new) dishwasher yanked out and brought in another. You showed you can accessorize for the good of the shareholders and that you can prevail over the accountant, the ultimate corporate spoilsport.

I shall always remember your dazzling interpersonal skills. There are the times where you calmly instructed me on how I should do my job. You always had something very kind to say at the proverbial drop of a hat. I will always look back upon you as someone who treated me with a great deal of humanity. One of my most indelible encounters with you was an open door meeting when you exuberantly praised me in your office for a job well done so everyone can hear. Your smile was memorable as it demonstrated to me that the Company under your leadership was a happy and safe place to work. It also showed me your friendliness and how much you really liked me.

Thank you for the invaluable experience of working for the Company. I shall recommend it as a wonderful place with plenty of growth potential, especially under your guidance.

With very warm regards,

Shinichi Evans

3 thoughts on “Open Letter to an Ex-Boss

  1. That was dripping with such sarcasm, I’ll be wiping it off my monitor for 2 weeks. Thanks a lot.

  2. @Murph: It’s good to hear from you, buddy.As for the sarcasm, what sarcasm?;)Well, you’re right. I could have been more straighforward in this post, but this is better. Especially, if I wanted to show what #6 was like in that previous post.@Chris: I just read your post. What a lovely lady she was!note: lovely is almost exclusively sarcastic in my vocabulary.

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