Eureka, etc.

I wish yesterday was just a dream. Faculty development days just go on way too long: workshops, department meetings, safety meetings, etc. And, it’s not even over. There’s an orientation for new adjuncts later on today, and then there are some more meetings this week for another school, and next week, there are some more for another. School starts for one of the community college districts I work for next week and I still have some homework to do for my coming classes. Yikes!

I guess this is as close as I get to having a shared dream with others, as there are other teachers in the midst of this craziness.

Thankfully, I haven’t had any shared dreams with anyone while I was asleep. In this week’s Eureka, the hapless locals share each other’s dreams. This is an excuse to get Carter’s clothes off, as he first experiences the daytime nightmare (awake) of getting decontaminated from something on location, only to have the classic naked dream later. Fargo has a cheesy Zorro dream involving a woman he’s had his eye on (try to guess who) with Stark as his rival. If I had the Zorro dream with Stark, I’d first cut the laces on his shirt and then do some deft moves to cut his clothes in strategic places and watch them fall off.

Speaking of Stark, he doesn’t even fall asleep in this episode, as we don’t get to see him try to fulfill some fantasy of getting back together on his estranged wife. He’s quite blatant about this goal in his waking life to the point of making Carter feel inadequate about his offer to fix Allison’s water heater. Of course, even the simple things in Eureka needs a PhD. from MIT to get done.

I missed Flesh Gordon Flash Gordon last Friday, but I downloaded it from iTunes. Flash Gordon has had many incarnations on the screen, but I have memories of the campy film from 1980. It’s hard to get the Queen theme song out of my head, which is what the Sci Fi Channel counted on for many prospective viewers as a version of it played in commercials. Flash (a blond beefcake for sure) and Dale go to Mongo, thanks to a creepy Dr. Zarkov, that is more Italian futurist (with the fascism to go along with it and a touch of 1984) than the over the top orientalia of previous versions. Ming the Merciless Dictator is after some strange device invented on Earth. No doubt, this will fuel plenty of episodes, along with the unfulfillable love between Flash and Dale.

One thought on “Eureka, etc.

  1. I will admit that I was kinda waiting for Carter and Stark to pull ’em out and measure (“My degree is from a better school than yours”? Bitch, please … )I’m not sure what I think about Flash Gordon. Yes, the guy who plays Flash needs to wear as little as possible all the time. However, the acting was somewhere below William Shatner (and we’re talking T.J. Hooker William Shatner, not Boston Legal William Shatner). I’m not sure I can buy Ming the Merciless as some sort of allegory for third world authoritarian “democratically elected” dictators. Although I’m sure that Hosni Mubarak would like his very own Dr. Zarkov …

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