The Blogging Holiday is Over

Since I’ve been blogging regularly this year, this is the first time I’ve taken any kind of break from posting. Actually, it wasn’t a break, as I had faculty development obligations at the community college districts where I teach (with one starting class last week, and the other still in meetings). Of course I attended tons of meetings and documented them, as I didn’t want nasty bites out of my pay come December.

I had fun creating a syllabus for my Freshman Composition course (which was super long). I always wish I could have one outlining the class in two or three pages (as the schedule only takes about two pages), but I needed to cover myself with various policies. There is that lovely thing called plagiarism. When I was in the fourth grade and heard that word for the first time from my teacher (who was Belgian), I thought it was pronounced like “pleasurism.” However, she gave the correct definition for the word. Perhaps in the future, when going over the syllabus, I could use the anecdote of my European teacher when mentioning how the consequences of plagiarism aren’t so pleasurable, despite how the word sounds.

One freaky thing I noticed this week was when I went to the college police department of one of the colleges to pick up a parking permit. On the sheet where they have faculty sign for receiving their permits, the person before me had a signature almost identical to mine. Interestingly, his name was Gary, and the way he wrote his G and I wrote my S were the same. Like most signatures, we both followed the first letter with unintelligible wavy lines. I’ve heard the theory that everyone in the world had a double out there (which normally means one who shares the same physical characteristics), but this is the first time I’ve encountered an autograph doppleganger.

Chris obliquely mentioned how some creationist frak in “The Sick Man of Europe”* decided to get his government to impose a blanket ban on blogs. This doesn’t really help this potential member of the European Community, especially as it caves in more and more to fundamentalism and suppression of free speech. Then there was that film that damaged their reputation during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, deserved or not.

First it was India, now this country. I wonder which nation will ban blogs next.

Changing the subject to something else, I went with my friend Scott to see Au Revior Simone at the Casbah last night. Their style is definitely comparable to the Postal Service, but with a more girly touch. With several analog synths, they managed to charm the crowd with their singing and some good old fashioned modulations (sans computers) along with some banter and interaction with the crowd. Their tourmates, Oh No! Oh My!, were definitely a band I could appreciate, though I don’t I’d get into. They hail from Austin TX, though I really don’t know anything of that city’s music scene beyond the better known Spoon. Then again, I don’t know much about the San Diego scene beyond Pinback and she who got discovered at Java Joe’s and became a superstar in the late 1990’s.

Signing out for now, stay tuned.

*when I took a European history course as an undergrad, the professor mentioned “The Sick Man of Europe” as a moniker for the state of that crumbling empire in the late 19th and early 20th century (which was then replaced with appropriately 20th century nation state). Its membership in the European Union is still pending.

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