Alas! My iPod’s Obsolete!

Some time ago, I did a post on Apple Technology as part of my back to school series, and Chris ribbingly asked me how much Apple was paying me. This afternoon, I find that Brian‘s on fire as far as the blogging goes, and his latest post is about the latest in iPod technology. The Apple Website confirms much of what he says, especially about the iPod Touch, which has all the features of the iPhone without the phone.

So, how much are they paying you, Brian? 😛

5 thoughts on “Alas! My iPod’s Obsolete!

  1. I don’t have an excuse to get another iPod right now, though I suspect you’ll gloat over getting the 160 GB.The Touch sounds tempting, but what’s up with the hard drive space?

  2. Um, Chris was egging Brian on via IM. Chris’ iPod is kinda dead, so I was a bit excited for the news …Too bad they’re not paying any of us! I would so be willing to review an iPod Touch if a certain corporation were to provide me with one….

  3. Yeah, it’s all Chris’ fault! Actually a friend reminded me that the info was up, I can never remember to make the time jump from West to East Coast.I feel shafted as my 80g iPod is barely a month old. The new iPod Touch does look cute, but yeah I can’t believe it’s only going to be 16gig. Perhaps it’s just a matter of internal space.I am sorely tempted by the 160g iPod though. I could finally fit ALL of my music onto a single device. That would be so sweet.

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