Wanna See Something Really Scary

For the Friday afternoon spook out movie, I watched Jesus Camp, a documentary about evangelical children. Becky Fisher, the director of the summer camp, is one of those women who would make an excellent school teacher but instead uses her skills to teach children religious and political agendas they are too young to understand. The militaristic “prayer warrior” dance at the beginning of the film and footage of Fisher’s summer camp workshops is very spooky. Naturally, Hitler’s youth comes to mind, which Fisher goes through great lengths to debunk on her website.

The children who are the focus of the film seem like normal, likable children, so it is frightening to see them get caught up with the emotional, rally-like nature of the camp workshops, and then to watch them parrot the spiritual warfare rhetoric.

Brainwashing? Perhaps, but listen to what Becky Fisher has to say about it.

The fundamentalist adults believe the children are crucial to the future of fundamentalism and America, so Jesus Camp shows a children’s Crusade of sorts.

Nice children sometimes grow up to be mean, nasty adults. Let’s hope that’s not what happens to these kids.

Note: Ted Haggard is just a small part of the documentary when some of the children along with their minister visit his church. Of course, Ted Haggard’s words turn out to be prophetic as he jokes, “I know what you did last night. If you give me $1000, I won’t tell your wife!” Of course, Mick Jones knew what he did last night, and instead of blackmailing him, he went straight to the press.

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