A Last Supper: Folsom Street Fair

Here is an image for your Saturday morning viewing pleasure.

This ad for the Folsom Street Fair apparently angered some ex-gay and fundie activists. No surprise there. However, a blogger on Ex-Gay Watch was also offended.
As for the fundies (and the “no longer gay” closet cases), I wonder what offended them the most:

a. Jesus is black.
b. Jesus is gay.*
c. Jesus is surrounded by gay men, women, leather men, drag queens.
d. All of the above.

The poster on Ex-Gay Watch has a view that many gay conservatives and religious types hold. This writer is concerned about the appropriation of a sacred image, which is obviously Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. Appropriation of this iconic painting as blasphemy is very superfluous. The real concern of this blogger is that the ad endorses “medically dangerous acts, its inversion of the values of faith, love and self-sacrifice.”

As much as I can appreciate his perspective, to waste energy taking exception to this image is an “inversion of the values of faith, love and self-sacrifice.” Jesus would would not be as concerned about this image as he would with the fundies, the ex-gays, and even the gayly pious. The people depicted in this photo are the unacceptable of modern society and even the mainstream gay community. Anyone familiar with the Gospels knows that Christ reached out to the outcasts and those the righteous and holy rejected. Somewhere along the line, modern Christians, even gay ones, have failed to follow Christ’s example.

*only an inference, nothing else.

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