Postcard Swap

I got my postcard swap partners this week from Post Due. I then sent the cards to them this afternoon. Now as promised…

I’m about to reveal my newest postcard swap partners! (audience goes into a frenzy)

Drumroll, please!

1! 2! 3! (crowd goes crazy)

(pointing to Rob) You get a postcard!

Touched By The Hand of the Gold Lady

(pointing to Darlyle from Colorado) You get a postcard!

Scap Collage

These cards only cost less than $1 each to make. Your wildest dreams have come true!

(I scream, fall on the ground, and kick up my feet).

If you’re interested in doing the postcard swap, you can go to Post Due dot Com. If you’re interested in getting postcards from me, e-mail me at shindotv at mac dot com. You can also send postcards to me at:

shinichi evans
PO Box 125003
san diego, ca 92112-5003

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