ShindoTV VLog 1

This VLog was filmed in my car. My camera was mounted on a monopod fastened with a suction cup to the windscreen. I ranted on several topics while driving and later cobbled it together. I go off on topics such as the new Duran Duran album, Project Runway, the two special writing months, and Perez Hilton. Regarding Project Runway, there is a cast member whom I refer to as the Bjork Lady. Watch it this season, starting with the first episode. You’ll see what I mean.

4 thoughts on “ShindoTV VLog 1

  1. On the contrary, Brian! You’re in the category of can’t live without! :)It’s one of the problems of generalities. I didn’t mention anyone by name other than Perez (whom I love most of the time), but it is definitely an issue I see with some of the “professional” bloggers.I’m glad you also love the new Duran Duran album.@Chris: You’ll have to forgive me about the pronounciation.Somehow, I knew you’d get my Bjork Lady moniker. It really fits. I see what you’re saying about her being Angela of the Rosettes, though there is the guy who did a dress with a rose. It’s definitely something I can see Sarah Jessica Parker (especially as Carrie Bradshaw) wearing it, but she works all kinds of funky things.

  2. Aww, thanks for the shout-out. When I’m out there, I will teach you the proper pronunciation of “khowaga” :PAfter your rant about NaNoWriMo, I’m feeling so much better about the fact that I’ve pretty much realized there’s no way I’m going to be able to finish the book in a month! For me, the biggest part was the kick in the butt to actually sit down and write something, since I’m always coming up with reasons not to, but I’m not sure the 8,000 words I wrote while sitting in the Montreal airport is the most creative thing I’ve ever come up with.I totally knew who the Bjork lady was before you even mentioned the dress. It’s so TRUE!! God, is she this year’s Angela-the-rosette-lady?

  3. … are you saying that my daily entries aren’t interesting!? :(I’m also enjoying the Duran Duran album, though I need to get a copy of the AMA broadcast. Apparently Simon got a little enthusiastic and crashed into one of the strings players during their performance. All I caught was Mary J. Blige’s performance which really wasn’t all that good.

  4. Yes, but this year’s rosette queen is a hunky gay Palestinian, not a tragic fashion victim from the Midwest… It’s all about the aesthetics!Now, let’s talk about the Chris Crocker wannabe with the black hair. Or better still, let’s NOT talk about him and hope he goes away real soon!!

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