VLog 2: Happy Thanksgiving from ShindoTV

I definitely want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving, however you celebrate it.

Yes, I’m putting up another VLog. It’s not going to happen every day as I always have to edit the vids, but they’re definitely here to stay. Now that I have found a way to truly make this this ShindoTV, I’ll do more for sure, but I think it will take some writing and planning. Right now, I’ll ramble while driving. The one thing I want to stop are all these um’s!

In this VLog, I get into “Me Days” (a shout out to Brian), overeating on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day, and how I’m looking forward to Battlestar Galactica: Razor. I’ll have to talk smack about Bjork Lady and some other contestants of Project Runway in a text post a little later. Let’s come up with some monikers for the others.

One thought on “VLog 2: Happy Thanksgiving from ShindoTV

  1. Yay! Shout out! ;-)BSG Razor: Seen it (don’t ask), loved it, and you will too. It leaves a very interesting door open into the upcoming season… whenever that’s actually going to START. *hmphHope you had a lovely holiday.

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