Is It Over Yet?

I’m stealing the title of Chris’s post, but it’s appropriate.

This latter half of the year I returned to teaching. Over the summer, I took on a job teaching at a private language school. I liked the students and my coworkers (including the director), but it was also the most temp-like job I’ve ever had. I also taught a summer class at the urban community college and it was a good getting my feet wet. I had taught for two and a half years (one year as a TA in grad school and one and a half years as an adjunct teacher) before I had a stint as a mailroom manager. That only lasted for five months before I got fired and spent a few months looking for a job. During that time, I worked every community community college I knew of in the county to get classes for the fall.

While I didn’t succeed with every college and English department chair I lobbied, I wound up with a decent workload at the schools that took me on. Actually, I took on a lot. Five classes were overwhelming, but I was happy to be working again. Also, there were things such as Christmas and a new computer to think about.*

Of course, returning to the classroom had its share of challenges. Some of the students were one. I’ve vented about this in some posts. The flow of papers was never ending. The hours were crazy, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Driving to various schools and staying on top of all of them took a lot of time. God knows how much time I’ve spent in my car. I’ve found myself more and more fatigued as the semester comes to a close.

While I listed my cons first, it was not a bad experience overall. I liked most of the students I had this semester. That I could make grammar clearer for them (in some of my classes) was rewarding). Some of my students were fun, others were very interesting to talk, and some really got something out of it. I’ve given my headaches a lot of airtime, but I should have also taken the time to mention the great students as well.

I haven’t been a good blogger over the past few weeks. There would be a few days of blogging punctuated by a few more days of no posts. I have no plans to drop out of the blogosphere soon. August seemed to be month where there was a universal topic shortage. November, however, is not at all short of topics, yet it’s the worst month for me posting wise. That’s why I never put up the NaBloPoMo badge on my site. While NaNoWriMo sounds like fun, I haven’t had the time to crank out a shitty first draft of my great American novel. I even filmed a video log this past weekend, but I haven’t had the time nor energy to edit it. Wah, wah, wah.

It’ll all be over in a few weeks. Then, like the Pythian prophecy in BSG, it will all happen again in the spring.

2 thoughts on “Is It Over Yet?

  1. I more or less spit this post out and forget to follow up on the asterisk. Absent-minded professor me. Here’s the footnote:*I am in the midst of Christmas shopping and I haven’t bought my new computer yet. This excess class is funding both.

  2. You are more than welcome to borrow my completely unimaginative title.Having known several people in the SoCalAdjProfCommClub (Southern California Adjunct Professor Commuter’s Club), I envy you not. The amount of frustration and exhaustion I have working in one office every day is incredible — I can’t imagine what it must be like in the CommClub.You’ll notice that I haven’t posted much this month either, and I really can’t use NaNoWriMo as an excuse. I mean, I do, but that’s not the actual reason.Enjoy your time off, and just remember: like Pythia, BSG will return, too. In the meantime, keeping a well-stocked wine and/or liquor cabinet helps … i’m told …(You put an asterisk/footnote marker in the third paragraph with no footnote and now I wanna know!!!)

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