First Post of the Month

I can’t believe that 2007 is almost over. A year ago, I wrote a post about not posting for a while (since August 2006). A few things were going on, especially with holding back on blogging about the workplace. I often felt like posting about the drama at the office, especially the incompetent woman I worked for. There was an incident with her that left me scarred for months after I was gone from that job. I wrote a scathing open letter half a year later to her (name withheld), which more or less pointed to what I felt about her level of professionalism. I still have a lot anger looking back on it, though returning to teaching has helped me move on from it.

I started the ShindoTV blog in May 2006, though I stopped posting regularly after August 2006. It was this month a year ago that I made a New Year’s resolution to write. It would not be until February 2007 when I started posting regularly. I’ve managed to make good on this, though Chris, Brian, and later Danny were helfpul in being part of my blog community. I can’t forget about one of my earliest blogfriends Josh and then Murphy (why did you drop out of the blogosphere, buddy?).

Fellow adjunct instructor Rob also become a part of my blog community. It’s also been fun creating and exchanging original postcards.

I have blogged about the dramas of teaching, though I tried to be careful about it. I know what’s happened to some other people, so I know I can never be too safe. Better to have a voice and pay for it than let fear silence me.

So far, I’ve had a prolific year in posts. December should be a good month. Here’s to 2007.

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