Some Random Things

After being so bah humbug in my last post, how do I follow that level of Yule time cynicism? It’s hard, but I’ll manage.

Last week, I got some postcards from the Post Due Collective exchange. They are absolutely fabulous. I haven’t posted them yet, but they’ll be up soon.

This has got to be one of the wettest winters we’ve had in a while. Every other weekend, there has been a lot of rain. Very rarely, like tonight, has it rained in the middle of the week. God knows we need the rain, especially after those fires.

I had the last two classes of the semester today. For the critical thinking class, I had an informal wrap where it was an informal gathering, I bought some beverages, chips, and dips from Trader Joe’s. One of my students brought pizza. Other contributions included a chocolate bundt cake and cupckakes. It was definitely a nice closure to a class that greatly improved after the departure of Felicia. Unfortunately, my English Skills class did not end on a festive note. I did have a final prepared for them, which most of them seemed to understand. Only one student seemed to think the essay exam was open topic, though she quickly adapted after I made the issue clear.

I went to Costco after giving finals at the urban college. I don’t really know why I stopped by there as I left empty handed, but they didn’t seem to be crowded with late night shoppers. I missed out on getting Babylon 5 season sets for $15 each when they had them. Even though I’ve always liked the show, I’m more of a Star Trek guy. If I saw Star Trek sets for that cheap, I would have grabbed them all.

Every once in a while, I’ll catch an episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, which is about the reality of a few people – affluent, nouveau riche types. The trailer for this week’s episode makes it out that Vicki has it out for one of her friends, going into an out of control “fuck you!” and shaking her middle finger session while they’re riding in the back of a limo. 15 minutes into the show, it turns out that they are having a minor disagreement about the gay decorator who’s living in Vicki’s house during a flip and the rent he’s expected to pay. After that scene passed, I quickly last interest and I changed the channel. It’s usually the same thing over and over – middle aged adults with tons of disposable income going into second adolescence while their children are entering adulthood.

Chris the Ricky Gervais clone has some competition life in an episode or two of Project Runway after being brought back, but we’ll see. I missed doing Friday’s recap, but maybe I’ll do one tomorrow to get back into the swing of things. I always love seeing what the Bjork Lady comes up with – will it take courage to wear it?

That’s it for tonight. I’m turning in soon, got some grading tomorrow. I’ll also figure out who are some good candidates for the gift of duct tape with the stipulation that they put it over their mouths as their Christmas gift to me. I think we all know some deserving people.

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