Project Runway: What A Girl Wants

Here’s a scientifically reduced version of last night’s episode, in palatable pill form.
Okay, I got a little happy with the video widgets. Bravo‘s made them available this season, though it would have been nicer to have it earlier this year. Here, in the recap video, we get treated to Rami in a towel.

Last week, the designers had a chance to create Pop Art couture, or at least stuff delicious enough to eat. Here, they have the challenge of creating prom dresses for 21st century girls.

Some embrace the challenge, while others have a hard time. They should have watched Pretty In Pink for some inspiration. On some level, that hits home for Ricky, as he made his high school girlfriend’s prom dress (which should have been a clue). This time around, he makes a beige pillow for someone else’s girlfriend, and Michael Kors shoots it down for being too bland. He, however, creates the dress she wants. More importantly, it’s what the girl inside him wants.

The lightening bolt on Harry Potter‘s head must have provided him with some protection, as he gets a difficult client (under different circumstances, they’d be good friends). She has her own ideas about the dress and even draws them on his paper. Then, there’s the issue of him not embracing the challenge, despite his claim of being the best dressed at his prom. Even the defeatist attitude he displays after having the fashion designer’s equivalent of writer’s block isn’t enough to doom him.

The big surprise is that Kevin gets eliminated. He’s done some good work and his sewing has been impeccable, but he loses on the count of a seam. He goes for red, which is a very obvious color for a girl with olive skin. Then, his dress is a hybrid of what Marilyn Monroe and Imelda Marcos would have worn (and not in the best way). His main downfall is that he doesn’t hem the skirt, but only does a stitch to keep it from fraying. The poor guy also gets shot down by Heidi as she remarks the dress looks cheap.

Victorya wins the challenge with her sparkling, neo-Byzantine number. All the fake gems are what makes it look like something Justinian and Theodora would favor, but it looks like a cross between a baby doll dress and Andie’s dress in Pretty in Pink.

My vote would have been for Sweet P’s dress. Her dress looked like something a starlet from the 1930’s, 1960’s, or even in this decade would wear on the red carpet. Definitely Marilyn Monroe in the best way.

Rami and Chris March go for a pretty in chartreuse effect. I trust you know what color that is, but if you don’t, it’s not pink. The frenchiness of the word has often led the uninformed to to think that, but is a green named for a liqueur. Rami does one of his draping numbers that has tremendous hanger appeal, but isn’t too well received by Michael Kors or Nina Garcia, who proclaims it’s too sophisticated for a young woman. He politely stood up for himself and succinctly said that he makes sophisticated clothing. Does a woman need to be a candidate for botox before she can be sophisticated? They obviously don’t give teenagers enough credit. Chris March creates a simple, elegant gown that runs counter to his drag queen portfolio. One of the more lightly amusing moments on the show is when he reveals to his client and her mother that the model in his portfolio is him.

The two more forgettable ones are the creations of punk rock Orange County prom princess Kat and the quiet Jillian. Jillian’s dress is quite competent, but she’s only a blip on the runway. Kat’s rainbow bodice is the one remarkable feature on an otherwise OK dress.

Rami makes the interesting comment that Heidi should make prom dress and they can see what she comes up with. He makes a very good point about there isn’t a prom where he comes from. Kevin’s remark about providing a chastity belt with the dress sounds a bit too fatherly – only someone with a daughter would think about that. Then again, he remembers what his prom was like.

Sometimes I can’t quite tell why some guest judges are on the panel. Some make perfect sense, while others aren’t so germane. This is the case with Gilles Mendel, the furrier and fashion designer of J. Mendel, who is brought on to judge prom dresses.

My dream guest judge, if Heidi and company are listening, is Alek Wek. Does anyone else have a fashion icon they’d like to see on Project Runway?

Exit interview with Kevin:

3 thoughts on “Project Runway: What A Girl Wants

  1. Your co-worker’s shouldn’t have spoiled it for you.Well, it was prom dresses after all. There’s no gee whiz factor to it, but it’s something they haven’t done before and it was guaranteed to confound some of them.Who knows what horror lies in wait next week. The trailer implies they’re not too happy for this challenge.

  2. I know I’m about to be struck down by Her Godship Almighty for saying this but … I’m bored with this season. I really am. I was trying to be interested in this ep (and might have been had coworkers not ruined the end at lunch, since I hadn’t seen it, even though I told them not to, which I think is an executable offense), and it just didn’t suck me in. Where’s the garbage? Where’s the shopping at the grocery? Sigh.At least they could give us more of Rami in a towel … I mean, come on? Do they remember who their core audience *is*?

  3. what got me was:1) when was the last time any of these judges went to a prom?”2) do they really think they have a thumb on the pulse of new millenium teenagers?AND3) what the hell were they trying to do by making such heinous comments of the dresses while the young, IMPRESSIONABLE, girls were standing there in them? telling someone that they look cheap is an exercise in building self-esteem, right?okay, i am stepping off the soapbox…oh and i loved the pretty in pink reference. so true, shin. christian might have learned something from watching how his current look was really done well.and you know ho would be a great judge, madonna. but madonna pre-millenium. the current version of madonna is a little too “buttoned up” for my tastes. though i still do love what she has done for music and fashion.

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