Project Runway: Raw Talent

Here is this week’s episode, scientifically reduced to pill form.
This episode is indeed where no designer has gone before.

Has Project Runway ever gone camp, high or low? The personalities of some designers, past and present, have been campy, but Chris March is definitely an industrial strength dose. We all know about his drag queen portfolio and his penchant for outrageous, costumey things. He also, in a sweet way, has complimented the Bjork Lady in her oddness until her unfortunate, Hershey paved departure. We get a low dose of low camp with “the divas of the WWE,” and the guest appearance of Heatherette is the frighteningly kitschy fashion camp element in the judging.

Needless to say, Chris March embraces the challenge and wins. He discovers he and his model have a mutual love of leopard print and he creates a costume reminiscent of one worn by Shania Twain seven or so years ago in one her music videos.

Harry Potter
, the runner up, obviously expected to win this week’s challenge. He makes a concerted effort to hide his disappointment to no avail.

There is a weird Tao of Steve in this episode, as some designers don’t embrace the challenge. Sweet P, who has managed to make some fabulous dresses in the past few episodes, tanks with her wrestling diva, whose thing is to wear a dress or coat that covers her body and she opens it to do “the reveal.” Sweet P picks a white iridescent fabric that could be easily in a Star Trek: TNG sickbay. The outer garment doesn’t effectively conceal the sexpot body, which makes it fall flat. If only Sweet P had access to the wedding dress Steven barely used for that fatal challenge, she probably wouldn’t have been on the chopping block this week.

Color choice is alway a tricky thing. Jillian creates something wrestling ring appropriate and sporty with blue, while Rami picks a bright bubblegum pink and Ricky goes for a bright orange. Richie Rich of Heatherette makes the comment that Rami’s outfit comes across as Paris Hilton wannabe was interesting, as everyone’s favorite heiress is one of their famous clients. While I’d love to take exception with Nina Garcia‘s aversion to orange, I have to agree with her. It’s a color I hate as well (I don’t own a single orange garment).

Every once in a while, the judges love to hone in on Rami and how he’s so un-American. Jee-zus, is that really a bad thing?

Some of the exit interviews, especially in the past few seasons, feel like they’re from the end of Waiting For Guffman or Best in Show. Victorya‘s declaration of having a long career in fashion and Ricky’s beaten down statement of uncertainty definitely strike me that way. Am I the only person having this reaction?

Now it’s down to five, which means the final fashion week episode isn’t too far away.

2 thoughts on “Project Runway: Raw Talent

  1. I thought I recognized Chris’ leopard print hoodie from somewhere! Shanasty Twain, of course!I wonder why Nina Garthia didn’t call him out on it?

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