Project Runway: Season 4 Finale Part I

Here is a teaser vid:

Next week is the Fashion Week episode. This episode gives the expected preview of the finalists’ collections with drop-in visits from Tim Gunn, who gives his ever so thoughtful editing eye to garments the designers spent months working on. Also, we find see this limbo scenario unravel – will Chris March or Rami get to show in Fashion Week?

After Tim visits Rami in LA and Chris March in NYC, we see both their collections have promise. Rami does something not so drapey, but at the same time, his work is more constructed. Chris March’s collection is very gothic with a shocking twist – he sewed human hair extensions into some of his dresses. It strikes some of the judges as a bit creepy; however, it reminds me of some of those odd hairstyles that hair dressers, only it extends to the garment. There’s also a scene in Hedwig and the Angry Inch where Hedwig has a Cher/Tina Turner moment in blond dress to go with his very straight, long blond wig.

After they have the showdown at the end of the episodes, the judges still have a hard time deciding, but they ultimately decide on Rami. He is very talented, but his collection didn’t interest me as much as Chris March’s.

Now for the other finalists:
If anyone can make Big Bird pants work, it’s Christian with his Harry Potter magic. Tim Gunn, overall, is wowed, but he’s baffled by some items such as a gigantic, face-concealing ruffled collar (Late Renaissance), and a pair of feathered leggings. Somehow, it’ll all click.

Jillian, too, has a Renaissance inspired collection, with quite a dark palette. Will she put a little color into her revised collection?

I think Christian’s going to win this one, though the judges may have a hard time between him and Jillian.

Stay tuned for next week the Fashion Week finale.

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