Project Runway: Season 4 Final Collections (website)

Warning: This entry contains some spoilers.

I went on Project Runway‘s website, and found that they have posted a gallery of the final collections. Like a little kid before Christmas, I just couldn’t resist taking a peek. Unlike the coming episode, they show all five finalists’ collections go down the Bryant Park runway.

Last year, Tim Gunn declared the decoy practice was over. This time they returned to it with some byzantine twists.

Sweet P was one decoy. Since she didn’t make the cut to compete in the Fashion Week finale, she was perfect for throwing off the press during Fashion Week. However, a decision had to be made about which one would be another decoy and which one would actually compete regarding Chris March and Rami. Even though I still think decoying like this is a mindfuck, perhaps worse than the previous seasons, I am very happy for Sweet P and Chris March for getting to show at Bryant Park.

Sweet P’s palette is perhaps the most eclectic of the group. Gold, lavender, chartreuse, fuschia, and even some doses of black and white help shape her collection. She’s a lot more adventurous than her previous challenges, which I’m glad to see.

It is a shame that Chris March doesn’t get to compete in the finale. He makes some very odd, but great fabric choices in his gothic collection, and I’m not talking about the human hair weaves. That part is interesting, but he did think about patterns, prints, and textures in building these creations. The collection, as a whole, was cohesive and informed by a point of view. Adding to it, Chris March’s own ensemble was definitely something from earlier Tim Burton films, making him fit in with his own collection. Perhaps in the long run, he’ll get more opportunities for not winning.

I’ll reserve comment on the other three after the finale. I will say that Christian’s collection kicks ass.

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