Better Than Ice Cream

The monsters people create sometimes. In this case, I got a little bee happy from a blog entry from Brian. He posted something about Haagen Dazc‘s* campaign to save the honey bee, complete with its own website, which creates awareness of the bee population problem. There, you can experience a Second Life of sorts for bees in which you fly your bee avatar around and get some educational tidbits about how some things really depend on these tiny creatures. There’s also a fun application where you can create your own bee image. I got a little too carried away.



I created a couple more of them and put them up on Flickr. I then had to slap myself to stop creating more, especially when it came to creating a bee that could either look like Michael Jackson or Victoria Beckham. Somehow, I think the bee gods would see to it that I get stung.

*Practically unspellable ice cream.

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