I got my copy!


White factors in this photo: Coffee, Apple computer (MacBook); ironic, self-deprecating humor book and website (displayed on the MacBook); independent cafe, neighborhood near the water (Pacific Beach or PB, San Diego).

Yesterday, I got my copy of Stuff White People Like. When I stopped by the Bookstar near UTC, the book was so new that it wasn’t even out on the shelves yet. I asked a salesperson for a copy and she got one for me. She also brought a few more copies so she wouldn’t have to make any more trips to the back room. I was just happy to get what I came for.

The question now arises, “Why buy the book when you can read the blog for free?” Here are some answers I’ll put out:

  • Don’t be so cheap! Support a writer who actually got a book published! Writers deserve to make money from their writing.
  • There are observations and charts exclusive to the book. I’m not revealing them, lest you accuse me of posting spoilers.*
  • For those of you who fit the profile of the book, you can show that you have a very good sense of humor and that you are hip enough to take a joke. In fact, you may even be moved to come up with some insights of your own.
  • For some others, everything you know gets confirmed by an insider.
  • The book is simply good humored, pop-culture fun!

Well, I’ll at least reveal that you can do a self-test on how white you are. You’ll just have to get the book to find the exact method and test scoring method. I did the test and the results were 71% white. That’s higher than my genetic percentage, which is 50%.**

*From Christian Lander’s entry on The Wire: If you attempt to talk about an episode they have not seen yet, they will scream and cover their ears. In white culture, giving away information about a film or TV series is considered as rude as spitting on your mothers grave. It is an unforgivable offense.
** From Christian Lander’s entry on Asian Girls: Should white guy / asian girl marry, they produce hybrids that are atheistically pleasing, but are very annoying. This practice is also a means by which white people can catch up to the asian peoples in the population race, as most of the hybrids often act white rather than asian.

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