No More Memes!

I will officially ignore memes from this point on. I’m not fond of the sense of obligation they create. The e-mail versions often promise luck and such for answering and forwarding to others. Sending them back to the sender should make them feel special, especially if the chain is about love or friendship. The blog versions have the element of a chain letter, but people often get tagged specifically. I’ve often ignored the e-mail forwards, but I’ve done my part with a few blog memes… until recently.

I didn’t have an agenda or anything when I broke two memes a few months ago. I just wasn’t posting.

I have no supernatural consequences hanging over my head. However, if I don’t do the meme after I’m tagged, does it mean that I am uncooperative and unfriendly?

I hope not. Friends, do not take it personally if I don’t keep up the chain or the viral replication, etc. No doubt you are thinking of me whenever you tag me, but there’s got to be another way to show me you love me.

Perhaps if the meme appeals to me, I’ll do it. However, some people simply need to get over themselves at the source. Stop writing these inane personal trivia question sets. I won’t do them when it’s my turn.


I recently noticed Brian and Fredo have stopped displaying blogrolls. Whether this is temporary or permanent, this trend made me think about clutter on the blog. After migrating to my own web server and using WordPress, I didn’t want to deal with dedicating space to things not completely germane to my blog. No badges, humongously long lists, web/blog rings, directory and feeds chicklets, or any other shiny widgets. Even though it’s all about me on ShindoTV, I didn’t even want the meta-profile (links to Facebook, Flickr, GoodReads, etc) to take up more room than they should.

Regarding the blogroll, I didn’t do away with it. I just found a more appropriate place by creating a good, old-fashioned links page (see channels). As for the meta-profile, I placed it in both the channels page and the one about me.

Housekeeping should be much easier now that I’ve found a place for the guests’ shoes.

Note: I have made an exception for Twitter, but that’s it! (Well, maybe, but not enough to make some awful mess!)

5 thoughts on “No More Memes!

  1. Well, hmph, I say. No blogroll. Blasphemy! Blasphemy, I say!

    Although I’m kinda on board with the meme thing (which is now moot, considering that I think you’ve been the one to tag me for every meme I’ve done. Hee!)

  2. Is there a cardinal rule that one should have a blogroll? It is one of those social conventions of the blogosphere.

    It is pretty ironic, considering that I tagged you for a lot of the memes. I think you and Danny were the only ones to do them, as Brian never picked them up.

    On the Facebook front, I should quit with some of those apps. They get too meme’ish as well.

  3. RE: Memes.
    I’ve been on a rather strict no meme diet for the last couple of years. Personally, I think they add absolutely no value to one’s weblog, especially when all the blogger ever posts are memes. In fact, on my LiveJournal account, I specifically state as much:

    ABOUT MY FRIENDS LIST: While just about anyone is free to “friend” me, please know that I may not necessarily add you back. I only “befriend” journals I think will interest me. Journals with excessive memes, or whiny/otherwise boring entries will not be added. Ever! Journals I’ve previously added that become such will be removed without hesitation… usually.

    RE: Blogrolls.
    I don’t think I’ve displayed a blogroll in quite some time. When I did, I preferred to give it its own page.

  4. I’m in agreement (mostly) on memes. I think some of them are absolutely too fun/clever not to join in. I still have yet to start my Yankee Candle meme that we talked about when you were visiting (mostly because I want to see Fredo design a ‘hairy man ass’ candle) but for the most part, they do come off the same as chain e-mails.

    There’s no rule about having a blogroll, I think they started as both mutual tagging and a neat way to say “I think these sites are cool”. I’ve been pondering placing them in their own links page off the main page, but my design is due for another change soon, so that’ll be stage 2.

    Also… twitter’s no good if you’re only using it once a week! 😉

  5. Why do I have the feeling that the PR industry will eventually pick up on memes?

    @Fredo: I agree with them having no value. I can’t believe I went along with them and dragged others into it.

    @Brian: Yankee Doodle Candle is at least something creative. It’s better than question and answer.

    Re: Twitter: Touché!

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