Project Runway, Season 5: Episode 1

Last season’s PR brought odd personalities such as the Björk Lady and Harry Potter, the talented winner. This season doesn’t seem to short of personalities. I can’t remember anyone’s names right now, but I’ll call one guy Tweaker Beck and another Rufus Wainright. Blue mohawk guy: Vivian or one his roommates from the Young Ones.

I’m not sure if this is going full circle to Season 1’s first challenge or if PR is on its last legs and grasping for straws, but the challenge is to go the grocery store and scoop up whatever materials they can. Austin Scarlet, winner of the Season 1 challenge with his corn husk dress, is back to judge the challenge.

Not surprisingly, a lot them grab table cloths and Tim Gunn bitches them out for it. The aging biker chick goes for the punk rock cliché of the garbage bag and tries to break it, only to fall flat like an inner tube with a hole in it. That would have been a great material for a dress. Rufus Wainright, on the other hand, is more innovative with a dress made of blue plastic cups.

Jennifer, one of the few names I’ve caught, uses material I would love to use: paper towels. It brings back memories of the tissue paper couture I did as a kid.

Tweaker Beck, well, makes a very tweaked out outfit. Michael Kors says it looks like a handiwipe gone wrong. As for Jerry the Asian guy, his outfit looked too nursey or as Kors said, just left the hospital. Needless to say, Jerry leaves the runway.

Korto is the only one who uses to produce to accessorize a tablecloth dress. Kelli, who looks a bit like Reese Witherspoon, wins by burning and staining her materials, creating a not-so-pretty but interesting effect.

Perhaps this season will be an interesting one, but it’s too early to tell. I wonder how much we’ll get to see Tim Gunn losing that cool, “Make It Work” demeanor. Even though that would overshadow Heidi and the designers, it would be checking out.

My one real gripe about watching PR – seeing all those commericals for “Date M Ex.” Jo and Slade, please go away. I guess Bravo/NBC takes care of their own when their music careers fail to take off.

Oh, there’s another gripe: PR’s Bravo website is badly organized. This must be one of Bravo/NBC’s retaliations for the show’s migration to Lifetime (a financially motivated move on Weinstein’s part).

2 thoughts on “Project Runway, Season 5: Episode 1

  1. My take: trash bag girl was worse. All of my female friends have gone on at length about how creepy Jerry’s outfit was, but at least he had a look! I mean, it was a creepy look, but it didn’t look like he threw a trash bag over his model and called it an outfit.

    There’s so much pretension already this season, and it just started. I want to get several of them together and drown them at birth. And the black guy needs to button her shirt up because we do not need to be looking at her chicken chest, mmkay?

    The thing about “Date my Ex” is that it would be far more interesting if it were the other ex up on the block … with other guys, naturally. Then I’d be happy to tune in — or at least not mind the nonstop commercials.

    The PR Web site has always been that badly organized. Sadly, it has nothing to do with the move to Lifetime. Does Lifetime even have a Web site?

  2. Perhaps they’re holding on to the biker chick for some extra drama and an ultimate failure. Who knows what her flop of flops will be.

    Even though Jerry’s outfit is severely hideous, I am bummed that there aren’t any Asian men represented after this. I think the only other one was Malan.

    Well, I agree with your assessment that PR’s website organization has alsways been horrible, but it is really bad this time. Badly designed website = don’t come back.

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