Making It Work: iPhone Couture

Getting the iPhone is one thing. Anyone can get one, provided that they have the right plan and a great deal of patience. The next step is to get a cover, and anyone can buy one. There are so many choices, especially if one has some money to throw away to accessorize. There are gummy protectors, leather holsters, and even eco-friendly, granola-ey sheaths. However, not everyone can make their own covers.

On Tuesday night, I set out to do a Project Runway of my own. My materials were a Geoffrey Beene necktie and a Geoffrey Beene dress shirt. My budget was $0 since I was recycling some fashion that fell into disuse. I could hear Tim Gunn telling me to “Make it Work.”

iPhone Couture

Of course, I had a few ideas. While I had a great time destroying a tie, I then turned my attention to a dress shirt to make a soft lining. I also thought some elements of the shirt could make clever features on the iPhone sheath. However, in the end, I settled on a more minimal design. The tie’s fabric can do the talking without any competing elements.

iPhone cover 3

With the lining, I made it work. It compliments the shell instead of competing with it.

No machines were used; everything was stitched together by hand. A steam iron (along with an ironing board) to smooth out the fabrics, a sharp air of scissors, and some pins to hold the fabric together helped me a great deal. Making sure the lining was integrated and the seams not showing was the most challenging part.

Why did I do it? For several reasons: I’m too cheap to buy a sheath and I like creating things. While I don’t have granola tastes, I like the idea of recycling fashion. Plus, the final result is something I’d use. It looks nice on its own and it doesn’t look out of place in a suit’s breast pocket. Very dandy indeed.

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