Saturday in Photos

Some more photos, which I took a ton of on my iPhone. We’ve been having mild weather here in San Diego, which is unusual for August.

On Saturday, I met up with Brian and Sharon at the Tourmaline in PB* (Pacific Beach). Here’s a photo of the water:
Idyllic California Shore

An interesting arrangement of kelp in the water:

Afterwards, we were off to La Torta, a Mexican deli further south in PB. Food porn!
Sandwich 3

Then there was a visit to La Jolla Cove. At the Children’s Pool, or Casa Beach, some people went swimming there and hung out on the shore even though that’s an area where the seals like to beach (not things I’d do there):
Stupid people clearing out

It was cloudy late in the day and the horizon looked too much like one of those motivational posters. I’ll entitle it “Optimism.”

The Pink Berry recently opened in Hillcrest. Good frozen yogurt, but a place of cute overload:
Cutesy Wine Corkers

My last thing I had to do was stop by the Apple Store to pick up my computer. While in Fashion Valley, I saw this brilliant window display in front of Saks:
Fall Preview

*San Diegans often refer to Pacific Beach as PB. Definitely part of the local dialect.

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