Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

No, it’s not about Kylie, but the subject makes me want to mindlessly sing “Lah la la, la la la lah…” Ever since I found out about Shindy.TV, it’s frakked with my head. To make matters worse, it’s not pronounced Shindy dot TV, but ShindyTV. It sounds a little too similar to website name of yours truly.

What is Shindy.TV exactly? It’s a website that gives information on the various happenings in San Diego. You can get info on restaurants, nightclubs, and some superfun events. Being true to the .TV domain name, ShindyTV goes out into the field and has correspondents give us mortals the skinny on what’s going on.

As for the name, it gets to me for the reason I’ve mentioned above. In all fairness, they are Shindy.TV and my website is ShindoTV. Two different entities altogether. Shindy simply is a synonym of shindig, an event or happening. Strange thing is, one of my older nicknames was Shindig. When your name is Shin, the nicknames seem to come without end. Shindo was another one I had, one that I’ve used as a pen name to this day. I’ve never been a Shindy, but it’s a little too close for comfort.

Now that Shindy.TV has a presence on Twitter, no doubt some confusion will arise. Keep in mind they are Shindy_TV and I am shindotv.

That all said, name confusions aren’t always bad.

2 thoughts on “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

  1. That all said, name confusions aren’t always bad.

    You clearly don’t remember the great “Uma/Oprah” failure from the year David Letterman hosted the Academy Awards … :/

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