Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

This post is for Danny, who’s been microblogging a lot on Facebook lately. Strangely, this post grew out my response to one of his Facebook statuses from last weekend, so this is a shindotv/Ink2metal collaboration. Also, it’s the Thursday morning after the latest Project Runway episode, so it’s only appropriate, even if it’s frightening.

Read with caution. You don’t want your boss to peek over your shoulder and see you looking at this.

First, I posted some things on Twitter, which found their way onto Facebook as my statuses:

  • I had this weird dream I was a student in a class with Tim Gunn and he took off all his clothes while he was teaching.
  • Now I know I’ve watched too much Project Runway. Strange thing in the dream was that no one was phased by his disrobing.

Then, I saw Danny’s Facebook status. I commented, and here is the banter that followed:

Danny is still creeped out from his ‘invasion of the body snatchers’-like nightmare but is amused by the idea of dreaming it in an xxx-rated version the next time ;-}. 7:52am
shindo: OMG! You and I both had some pretty bizarre dreams!
danny: but your dream had disrobing and nudity i assume. hopefully my next one will too. hehehe because doesn’t “invasion of the body snatchers” as a title lend itself all too easily to becoming a porn flick?
shindo: In my dream, Tim Gunn took off his clothes in response to another male student who took off his clothes in class. After that, he lectures and writes on the whiteboard as if he does this every day.
shindo: Invasion of the Body Snatches has a nice porn ring to it. There’s also some fetish-y thing to it. Someone has to have their body snatched and someone wants to do the snatching. Maybe I’m thinking too much in dom/sub terms. šŸ˜‰
danny: hahaha…tim gunn naked…ass cheeks jiggling as he writes on the whiteboard!?!
shindo: He’s making it work!
danny: well as long as daniel craig is in my dream we can take turns snatching or being snatched.
nicole kidman is soooooooo not going to be in this version. yikes!
danny: oh yeah, he’s working it alright! hehehehehehehe
shindo: And he’s nothing if not exuberant!
danny: too funny, shin!!!!! i’m cracking up. tears in my eyes!
shindo: Someone needs to make a book on Tim Gunn-isms. Also needed is “Andrae! Andrae!”
danny: did you catch the TOP DESIGN episode with the PR designers? santino and andrae back together.
shindo: Yeah, but Santino and Andrae didn’t interact much. But we found out about some of Andrae’s neuroses. Of course, the wicker aversion never came up on PR.
shindo: Daniel Craig in a dream, especially like in Casino Royale, nice.
danny: poor andrae…raised in a household full of wicker. especially through his formative years!?! now that’s just child abuse, plain and simple! and speaking of abuse and wicker…daniel craig…in casino royale…naked…in a caned wicker chair…oh, where my mind goes with that fantasy…;-}
danny: now i really have to go to the gym and work this off, shin! we can discuss this further after i’ve had my cold shower. hahaha’til then! hugs!
shindo: Laters! hugs.
Hopefully, this wasn’t too traumatic to read. šŸ˜‰

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