CameraBag for iPhone

You can’t always say you get what you pay for with iPhone apps. Some of the best ones are free while some of the paid apps are utter FAIL (such as allRadio). Given that, I paid $2.99 for the CameraBag, and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The iPhone’s default camera application is simply point and click. There isn’t much one can do with the “camera” besides have a steady hand and shoot. With CameraBag, that part is still true, but there are several options to manipulate the image for a “vintage” effect.

Here are some examples of the effects offered by CameraBag:

Jaylen in cardigan
Jaylen in “Lolo.”

Amber and Julie infrared
Amber and Julie in “infrared.”

Amber in vintage photo
Amber in “1974”

Sharon and Brian B&W
Sharon and Brian in “1962”

Casey in “Helga”

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