Photo Lab for iPhone

Yesterday, I mentioned the CameraBag application for iPhone. I downloaded Photo Lab, which has some artistic filters one can apply to the photos on your iPhone. The options range from simply adjusting the color to rendering the image as a line drawing. For $2.99, there are 20 filters and it’s easy to use.

To show some of the effects, I used a picture I took of my friend Jaylen. First, here’s the original photo taken with iPhone’s default camera app next to one with the Auto Correction filter applied:
Jaylen (original) Jaylen Auto Correction
Left: Original. Right: Auto Correct

Jaylen Posterized Jaylen Saturated
Left: Posterized. Right: Saturated.

Jaylen Line Art Jaylen Line Art with Color
Left: Line Drawing. Right: Line Drawing with Color.

Jaylen Stencil Jaylen Sculpture
Left: Stencil. Right: Sculpture.

UPDATE: While I enjoy using Photo Lab on my iPhone and tweaking the photos with it, the app has crashed on me a lot today. Please, developers of this fun product, please work things out so that there are less crashes. I will less likely bitch and moan and scream ‘FAIL!’ if you do.

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