Shindo’s Blog Ennui

I hate the term ennui, but it only seems appropriate as it’s shown up in several other blogs addressing this issue. I originally had a bitchier & self pitying post drafted, but fuck that.

Traffic to my site has disappeared like the bees*. Like that interesting biological/ecological mystery, I don’t know the cause, but it certainly had contributed to my lack of interest in posting. Where did my readers go? I was glad to lose a couple of them**, but did I have have to lose everyone else as well?

I’ve let my blog go on autopilot with the Resplendence series. I suspect people don’t touch fiction that much on the blogosphere. Also, I abandoned my fun topics in favor of it.

It seems a lot of people do not leave the insular world of Facebook, even when I feed my blog posts to my profile. Oddly enough, I would get comments to a copy of a post to Facebook, not the actual blog post itself. So much for it serving as a relay station for ShindoTV.

Another thing about Facebook – there’s more instant gratification in making a note or posting brief updates than there is working on a blog post and waiting for any confirmation that your post has been read. I suspect one of my blogger friends has abandoned his blog in favor of this. A couple of my blogger friends have, however, have been more diligent with their blogs and they have profiles on Facebook.

Even though I have a seemingly active profile on Facebook, I’ve turned to the equally insular world of Twitter for online interaction. In the beginning, I was using Twitter once a month, but I increased use a few months ago and I haven’t shut up ever since. I’ve followed people here and there, but after meeting up with a lot of local tweeps, I started following more people and started interacting more. While Facebook feels very anti-blogosphere, Twitter compliments it . However, there’s still the challenge of utilizing it to promote the blog, and that’s something I need to work on.

I’ve thought about a few things regarding the future of ShindoTV. I’ve thought about shelving the blog until the new year and have a fresh start. I’ve also considered erasing everything and starting again. However,  I figure the best thing to do is to proceed and go on. Set a course for earth.

*The bees haven’t completely disappeared, but there is a population decline.
**One or two online stalkers.

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