First of December

Apart from Thanksgiving, I’ve had a restful weekend. On Thursday, I had too much food without any room and I hopped around between several parties. The first one with my local friend Brian did me in as I visited him and his family, only to be done in with the traditional turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, and gravy. Then, I stopped by my mother’s party at her business where she was serving sukiyaki and oden for her employees. I had my sampling, enough so neither she nor her friends nor employees got offended that I didn’t eat anything. I then went off to another friend’s gathering where they were having a gay movie marathon and I escaped being there until 3 in the morning. Last year, I wound up staying too late as Jaylen got us all watching The Book of Daniel, the entire series in one night’s sitting.

David, a longtime friend of mine and fellow Netflix subscriber, showed me the link for Netflix’s Instant Viewing Beta Program for Mac. It’s frustrated me for a while that I was paying all this money to subscribe to Netflix and I was getting bupkis as far as the Instant Viewing program was concerned. It’s safe to say I wound up watching a lot of movies and TV shows this weekend as it saved me from A) installing Vista on my Mac and B) buying something like the Roku player. Below is a screenshot from the documentary Helvetica, which is available for instant viewing.

Oh, here’s the link if you’re a Mac user and want to get on the beta test for Netflix’s Instant Viewing.

I avoided the whole Black Friday thing. Not really. I didn’t take part in the tent cities that sprouted around places such as Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc. At the Mission Valley Best Buy, there were some people who set up tents near the entrance on Tuesday. I hope it was worth it for them to get stinky and rained on and shiver a bit in the late November San Diego nights. However, I went with Brian to the Otay Ranch Town Center in the late afternoon. We were simply browsing around a few shops which have already been wiped out by the early morning nonsense that took place at every retail outlet in the country. I did get to see the ultimate spectacle at Macy’s, which was a salesgirl in Ugg boots.

It’s back to reality, of sorts, on Monday morning. It’s also the second day of Advent, which means Christmas isn’t too far behind. Maybe I’ll have a grinchy VLog post once again. 😉

Oh, Happy December to you all. Please keep the Christmas music away from me.

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