Man on the Verge

Photo by Paul Shoul, courtesy Lloyd Cole

I’ve borrowed a few images from Lloyd Cole‘s website for a fun Saturday post. I’ve made it pretty clear in the past I’m a big fan of his music, as I’ve posted vids from time to time. I’ve also been playing him nonstop on my iPod—some of that stuff is perfect for down moods and feeling worn out. I’m sure quoting him with “Put me in the ground…” is a sign of that, but don’t take me literally. He’s so damn bookish at times. As for the photos, he’s a sexy man at any age.

I check his weblog from time to time to see what’s new with him, and he’s planning to release a compilation of b-sides, covers, and alternate versions of singles early next year. Gotta love the title: Cleaning Out The Ashtrays.

Photo by David Sims, courtesy Lloyd Cole

For more images, visit Lloyd Cole‘s gallery

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