Five Things: Go Away in 2009!

There are a few things I’d like to completely disappear or go away for good, but they won’t. These things are bothersome year after year, but I can only wish…

1. Stupidity

For the past few eight years, we have lived through an incredibly stupid era. It was definitely exemplified by George W Bu$h and his rhetoric, but it’s been expressed through some of his constituents (see Religious Right). American stupidity reigned supreme and any American abroad were ashamed and pretended to be Canadian instead. It’s difficult to believe that Americans are stuck in provincialism, bizarre religious concepts, and good old-fashioned bigotry. However, there seems to be an evolutionary imperative for the human race, especially the American subspecies, to remain stupid as the idiots keep having litters of children while smart people have few or no children at all.

2. The Religious Right

I’ve got to hand it to these people. They’ve been taking hit after hit in the past few years and they keep going. My admiration for them, however, ends there. They have engaged in a culture war against a great deal of the American population including women, racial minorities, gays and lesbians (major target), intellectuals, liberals, and common sense. While helping themselves to the freedom of speech and religion, they have sought to limit rights for women, gays, and minorities. Also, they have sought to reduce the quality of an American education and impose their religion upon non-Christian school children in the form of Creationist “science” or “Intelligent Design.” If they had their way, everyone would have to follow Old Testament type laws while they are free to wear mixted textiles and eat lobster.

One would think that a closeted, nelly queen of a mega-church pastor or several allied politicians such as a certain senator from Idaho being exposed for engaging in acts they sought to criminalize would send the Religious Right into shame and hiding. If that wasn’t enough, what about the numerous sexual and financial sins of some prominent clergy that has surfaced over the years. No matter, the faithful are either in denial or migrate to another bigot who mirror their views.

Religious right leaders, candy coating your tired, hateful rhetoric for a new generation doesn’t work. We can see right through it.

3. Financially Irresponsible Corporations

Why do the banks get a bailout package from the government? Why can’t I and every other citizen get the bailout instead of some insulting economic stimulus package? The money would have been better spent paying off all the student loans out there, putting some money back to banks at the banks at the same time. I’d say let the banks suffer, but this wasn’t put up for a popular vote.

Banks, you got our tax money, you better clean up your act. If it is put on the ballot, you can count on me to vote on nationalizing you.

4. Post-adolescent Celebrity Trainwrecks

Britney and sis, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan: All your drama in 2007 and 2008 has gotten old and tiresome. Get some dignity, please.

5. Homophobia

This should be number one on my list, but see Stupidity and Religious Right. This one affects me and a lot of other people on a very personal level. First of all, prejudice of any kind is never right. Many people still harbor bigotry towards minorities, but it is easy to tell them they’re wrong. If they persist, especially in making racist comments, they’re assholes. If they commit hate crimes, they should be thrown in jail. We should hold people to the same kind of standard when it comes to homophobia, but it then becomes someone’s personal belief, a differing of opinion, religious convictions, a moral issue, etc. However, racism, misogyny, and even religious intolerance are dealt with through social and even legal sanctions.

While there is some social and legal protection against homophobia, it’s pretty thin. Plus, the religious right and other homophobes won’t stop until gays and lesbians lose those rights. Also, preventing sexual minorities from gaining any more equal rights is high on their agenda.

Eventually homophobia will be as archaic as bloodletting. I only hope it happens sooner, not later.

These are the things I wish would go away in 2009. As for items 1, 2, and 5, we all have to keep fighting the good fight.

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