Catching Up With Benny and the Gold Lady

On the first day of September last year, I began to serialize Resplendence, that mix of art and fiction, on ShindoTV. Overall, the images and the writing form a narrative of a mentally ill young man who’s found salvation in the Gold Lady. If someone’s going to have an imaginary friend, they have got to fabulous, which the Gold Lady is. As for Benny, who has placed his faith and hope in the Gold Lady, he’s on a journey to discover his fabulosity as tries to become sane on his terms:

  • In “Benny’s Narratives,” we’re introduced to our narrator and the Gold Lady. The beginning is also the darkest part as Benny experiences sexual abuse at the hands of his psychiatrist at the mental hospital and must deal with the aftemath in the end.
  • Benny then tells of a revenge scenario where the Gold Lady drives down to San Diego and beats up Dr. Marcus on Benny’s behalf. Is the incident true or is it simply a figment of Benny’s imagination?
  • Benny goes on a trip with his brother to Los Angeles in “Under The Metropolitan Sun” and he fails to find the Gold Lady. There are no images of her presented here, but Benny writes a few things about the mythos of the Gold Lady.
  • The Gold Lady is the target of Benny’s anger as he’s disappointed he could not find her in “Dear Papparazo.” However, that gives way to a deeply rooted anger Benny feels towards his parents for imprisoning him in the mental hospital for being gay.

This section to be presented at the start of 2009 is “From the Lipstick That’s used,” starting with Feuille 23. Benny’s feeling towards the Gold Lady once again turns towards love and hope, but his art also takes a turn as he draws and writes in color. There are a few other developments image and narrative-wise, but no spoilers here.

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