In the works: Goodbye to Bu$h Playlist

The end of an era is coming with George W. Bu$h leaving the Oval Office. Interestingly, he’s concerned with his legacy, which he should have thought of 8 years ago. I have to agree with the sentiment of Joseph A. Palermo, a Huffington Post contributor: Just Go, Mr. Bu$h. Please, Just Go.

To celebrate Bu$h’s leaving, I’m going to put together a playlist with some music that gives the musical equivalent of hitting him with on the ass with the door on his way out. An appropriate choice to be included on the playlist is the Dixie Chicks, who took too much flack for saying that they were ashamed to be from the same state as the President. Let that be your high-heeled, Texan boot kick out the door, Mr. President.

A definitely appropriate selection would be “Mouth” by Bush, because “nothing hurts like yout mouth,” Mr. President. Hearing him clumsily handle the English language was quite painful. The question is, can the trauma from eight years of bad speech be undone?

I’m still trying to figure out what else to play that day, so I’m glad to get some suggestions.

As for President-Elect Obama, I’m going to include that infamous song by Rick Astley because he pulled the ultimate Rickroll with his selection for who would do opening prayer.

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