Rest In Peace…

In my late night Net-browsing, I came across this obituary on Queerty, only it was about a blog, not a person. The Boi from Troy abruptly wished his readers farewell.

A year and some time ago, Scott-O-Rama took a sabbatical from blogging and planned a comeback. He even set up a spiffy blog template a few months ago to return in style. Ironically, his most significant post after makeover was one to say goodbye. He even took it a step further and got rid of much of his social networking accounts such as Twitter and Flickr.

Both blogs had large readerships and were heavily blogrolled. Both felt blogging became more of a chore than something they wanted to do after a while, so they called it quits at some point. They were big trees in their niche of the blogosphere forest and we heard them fall.

But what about the smaller trees? Does anyone notice when they’re gone?

I’ve wondered about Danny’s blog. I became friends with him on the blogosphere in late 2007, and he posted regularly. However, he stopped posting around Oct. 3rd of last year. However, he’s gone for the shiny things of Facebook, as I’ve seen him actively comment and play those silly games ever since.

My contrary friend Murphy’s had a couple of blog lives. “Murphy Speaks” went on for a few years before he shut it down early last year. He recently hit me up with Priority 1 Transport, which chronicled a new phase of his life with a different job. Like Danny’s, Murphy’s blog cut off on early October.

Then there the millions of blogs that start up and stop. Some last a while until burnout while others start up briefly, but real life, a lack of commitment, or both get in the way. Blog death, unfortunately, is quite normal. It might be even more so in the age of Facebook.

As for the people who are still blogging, especially my blogging community, here’s to persevering.

2 thoughts on “Rest In Peace…

  1. I’ve edited the part about Facebook for clarity just now. My friend abandoned his blog (my assumption), but he’s still active on FB.

    I did go through the links on the Scott-O-Rama page, and it seems like he did commit Facebook suicide (disclaimer: a guess). From what I gather from some of the entries, he was burnt out with being an online attention whore as to also eliminate Twitter & Flickr profiles.

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