Paper? Pen? Write? That’s Right

img_0206Early on this year, there are some people in my life I feel compelled to write to and it’s certainly not by e-mail. For them, I plan to use paper, pen, and our trusty postal system. That means, actually write letters.

Why do it? Sure it’s going to cost some in paper and stamps, but isn’t Internet usage cheaper? Yes and no. Despite the urban legends, there isn’t a charge to send and e-mail and I’m not aware of any pending cyber-tax. However, many of us pay for e-mail in that we pay a lot of fees for internet usage. Some people do all their e-mail from work. Fine, but those us who don’t have that privilege, we pay for home internet signals and even data plans for our phones. Also, some places like to charge money for WIFI signals, and even if they don’t, we all wind up spending more money in coffee. It’s a false economy for sure.

Besides, which makes your day more – a paper letter from someone you care about or an e-mail from them. I’ll take paper over bytes any day.

3 thoughts on “Paper? Pen? Write? That’s Right

  1. actually a hand written note or card is far more meaningful and personal than ecard or email.
    Even in this day or e everything and text messages a note means a lot to people, and can be kept as a memento of sorts

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