Just One More Day…

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, especially since the Sci Fi gods decided to cut Battlestar short. They’re also making us suffer by having us wait an entire year or so to see the 11th Doctor in action, but that’s another story altogether. Staying on topic, the Final 10 episodes of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica will air starting this Friday, 10pm on the Sci Fi Channel.

The last time we saw the battle and travel-weary Battlestar Galactica and fleet (which now includes a Basestar of renegade Cylons), they finally found Earth. So say we all!

Not so quick. They land near what looks like the remains of New York City with no signs of their lost tribe brethren and the soil yields a radiation signature. Could Adama’s Moses-like leading and Roslin’s resolve be all for nothing? Or, is it a chance for humans and Cylons to build a civilization together?

We learn who the four of the Final Five are. The mystery now remains – who is the Final One?

There was then a Webisode series where we learn that Gaeta is gay yet he’s the third male BSG officer to fall in love with an Eight model. This Eight, who at first echoes Sharon Agathon’s more humane moments, also shows her penchant for treachery.

I’ll blog the show like I did before, complete with spoiler warnings.

Here’s a short vid with a quick deadpan recap with some catch phrases (such as goo bath) to get you caught up on the show.


Here’s the last episode, Revelations. Very anti-climactic.

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