Resplendence: Feuille 27


Yikes!  He dreams of being a kept boy and I don’t see anyone wanting him soon unless they’re looking for the Pillsbury Dough Boy. But, if you poke him in the belly, he doesn’t like it. Roger pokes his bony finger all the time just to get Bryan’s goat and it works. Sometimes I wonder if Roger’s fingers have been somewhere else other than Bryan’s belly because he sometimes exclaims that Bryan’s ass is so nasty! Or, as Roger puts it, nastee! Talking about nastee, I have to write this down.

Bryan talked about how he wanted to be the kept man of a handsome and wealthy Latino. Enrique Iglesias was someone Bryan threw out as an example and I told him the Gold Lady knew Enrique Iglesias. Bryan then asked me to hook him up with Enrique and Roger shouted, “Why would the Gold Lady want to hook him up with your nasty ass! And believe me, it’s nastee!”

I then asked Roger how does he know it’s nasty and he told me, “Pudge here thinks he’s God’s gift to men and he’s always sticking his nonexistent ass in my face to rim it. I’m always like. ‘I ain’t licking your skanky ass.’ Just because I said I like  white guys, it doesn’t mean I get it on with him. I may be a gayboy and a queen, but I’m not a chubby chaser.” I asked Roger if weight was an issue, and he told me, “If the guy is cute, nothing’s an issue, dear!”

©2001-2009 shindotv

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