Postcards from the Edge

I’ve gotten a few postcards from my friend Avril when she lived in Ireland until recently. Here are some postcards I’d like to share.

Avril sent me three cards from Ireland, but I’m missing one. I got it, but I can’t seem to find it. So what could have been the Irish triptych is now a diptych.

Ireland is full of writers and poets, some famous ones in fact. Here is a stern portrait of William Butler Yeats:


The next one is best experienced in person: a holographic promo postcard for MotoRokr:


The French postcards are a triptych set for sure. Avril sent me these on three seperate days when she was visiting France shortly before she moved there, so I will show present them in chronological order.

No visit to France is complete without a visit to Paris. Avril’s been there a few times and she loves it:


Avril recently moved to Lyon, and this was sent from a visit to her then prospective new town:

img_6230Avril had the chance to visit Pérouges, Cité Médiévale:


I always enjoy getting postcards from Avril and I’ll blog some new ones in the future.

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