Online & Obamafied

As you may know from some of my recent posts: A) I eagerly did my online farewells to the 43rd President (a bit too eagerly, perhaps), and B) gladly welcomed the Barack Obama, our 44th President, as my new President. I’m still quite giddy about it, and I find the President’s Internet presence to really cool. It is absolutely fabulous.

During the election, he had the website, but that’s nothing special for a Presidential candidate. After that, it becomes more interesting. His campaign established a Twitter account for the candidate. After the election, during the transition period, his team then created Change.Gov to keep all of us informed. Now that the President is in office, WhiteHouse.Gov, which has been around as long as the Web itself, got an overhaul. It’s been streamlined into a more user-friendly site without sacrificing the content. Oh, and the White House now has a Twitter account.

One very new feature of the revamped website is the White House Blog. While the blogger may not be Obama himself, he or she nonetheless is someone authorized to transmit updates on his behalf. Definitely subscribe while the blog is new and the posts are few. Most importantly, stay informed.

One last interesting thing of note is that the White House has an official YouTube channel. While this is keeping up with the digital times, they’re certainly not the first government agency anywhere in the world to utilize it. The British Royal Family have broadcast addresses and informative clips from theirs for quite a while.

Following the news on then President Bu$h was an exercise in depression and anger management. Following the new administration so far is a definite joy, even with some of the hiccups. I’m staying tuned for sure.

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