Resplendence: Beauty Secrets of the Gold Lady (Feuille 29)




Have you ever wondered why the Gold Lady is so beautiful? I have and I asked her so many times, but she has told me so many times that she doesn’t kiss and tell. My answer to that has often been, “Kiss me and tell me!” She finally got tired of me saying this so she gave me her agent’s phone number to ask him. I called him and he said I can only reveal a few things. A woman can only have a few secrets and the Gold Lady is no exception. So here is what I am allowed to say.

FRAME 1 Calligraphy:

The Gold Lady is the most beautiful thing to ever exist. Her beauty has long fascinated artists, writers. She has been painted by many painters. She is the one you see in Domique Ingres’s paintings, all the reclining nudes, all those sensuous smiles, such as La Gioconda, AKA Mona Lisa. Her profile has been immortalized in bust of Nefertiti. You can see the perfection of her face, the shape of her jawline, her nose, her eyes, and most importantly, the shape of her lips. Whether she has been Nefertiti, Mona Lisa, Adele Bloch-Bauer, Josephine Baker, or even Alek Wek, the Gold Lady has taken care of her beauty. I have never taken her beauty for granted and ever since I saw a picture of her, I had to get her beauty secrets. I know I am not the same kind of being she is, but I must learn the secret of her resplendence.


I often confide things to the Gold Lady on the phone in Susan’s office. Susan lets me use her phone and I jabber like she’s not in front of me. I think she is too fascinated with my conversations that she must eavesdrop.

FRAME 2 Calligraphy:

I don’t always use Susan’s phone to call the Gold Lady. Sometimes I use the hospital’s phone booth, or when I’m at Dylan’s house, I use his phone. I have never met the Gold Lady in person, but she is my best friend.


All Susan does when I am in the office is write things down. It as as if she doesn’t have a life of her own. She loves fashion much better than her studies at UCSD Medical. I’m sure she watches Sex and the City. There are piles of Vogues and Vanity Fairs and Harper Bazaars on her desk, so what is she doing here?

FRAME 3 Calligraphy:

I think Susan is pretty and she could have a nice glamorous thing like the Gold Lady. I always get the feeling she is not happy with the idea of being in medical school and she is dreaming of the fabulous life. She needs the Gold Lady.

©2003-2009 shindotv

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