Year of the Ox: Welcome to 4706

Late Happy Chinese New Year’s from ShindoTV.

It’s always nice to note the passing of the Chinese New Year. For me, this often feels more like the time of renewal than January 1 mainly because the Gregorian New Year’s still within the Twelve Days of Christmas, and Chinese New Year’s almost a month removed from it. I’ve also been working on a variety of habit changes closer to Sunday as well.

Last week, I combated my car-slobbery by emptying the car of all the documents, stuff, and trash that cluttered it. It’s easy to simply toss it all in the trunk, but I removed all the items that didn’t belong from there too. I then turned my attention homeward so I don’t have to sleep in a messy place. I can also do work from frome instead of running away to coffee shops, which are way too noisy. Also, cafés are a drain on my wallet as I go through the drama of working with coffee while getting nothing done.

Speaking of coffee, I’ve been drinking less of it. I’ve been drinking more tea, which is easier to make at home. Even going somewhere like Starbuck’s or Peet’s, I’ll order tea. It’s not giving up caffeine, though.

The semester’s begun and I have a couple of classes. I’m busy on those, especially in the first week. Lots of people want to crash my classes (and others) and I don’t have the room to take them all. In the past, I’ve taken them all, but that wound up biting me in the arse in the end. I found myself overwhelmed and not able to be of service to them. I’ve been working on saying “NO” more in my life, which includes the workplace. Here, I have to say no to crashers, but I’ve also made it a policy to say no to work turned in late and requests for make-up assignments and exams. I’m also working on being better organized with my class stuff such as keeping my documents where I can find them and keeping track of work. I don’t want to put off the grading, as that turns into a nightmare.

I’ve also been working on the writing. I’ve been posting almost every day and I’ve been prolific with the posts. I’ve written a few letters, and I need to get back on track. I’m talking about paper, not e-mail. I’ve also been working on writing my projects and getting past the fear of the blank page. This is the year of the write.

Lately, I’ve been spending less time on Twitter/Facebook. Not really intentional, but not really a bad thing. Twitter is the party that never stops and Facebook is just inane. I can always get a hold of people on both social networks if I need to. That’s all that matters about them. As for getting memed on Facebook, it may be a long time before I make a note of 25 random things about me. I’ve boycotted this type of thing on the blog, and I just don’t do heavily involved posts on Facebook.

Strangely enough, the Year of the Boar wasn’t really my year. It’s my birth year, which I would think would make it great. However, I should be thankful to have had my health and to have gotten work towards the latter half. The Year of the Rat had its ups and downs. The Year of the Ox is now beginning, especially with the economies of the world in shambles (with the prospect of getting worse). I have my health, some work, and the urgency to get my art and writing going. I’ll keep a cautious watch on this year, 2009 or 4706.

One thought on “Year of the Ox: Welcome to 4706

  1. I think learning to say no is a tough challenge and I salute you! Saying no to students is tough. I had a veteran teacher tell me the week before I started teaching high school, which I can’t believe was two years ago tell me, “you can losen up, but you can’t tighten up.” I have taken this advice with me to the university as well and do practice saying no to my students. The thing is, once you learn you can do this with students it becomes not so difficult to do with others.

    Good luck with both the writing and teaching.

    onemeanmfa’s last blog post..Teaching Moment

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