First Days, Official Victimhood, Et Cetera


So far, I’ve survived the first couple of days of class. It’s not like it’s my first day, as I’ve done several semesters of teaching community college courses. I’ve been busy with paperwork, student writing samples, and putting in lots of duplicating requests, but I’ve also decided to apply some lessons I learned the hard way from previous semesters.

Keeping organized is always a challenge, especially when one’s a lecturer/adjunct instructor. It’s easy to let the car & trunk become one large cluttered desk and drawers, especially when the distance covered traveling to all the classes covers a small state. I’ve let that happen way too many times, especially as student papers, handouts, and junkmail would all form one massive, unsolvable mess. I’ve done away with car-slobbery and I’ve been working on keeping  those accordion file folders organized from the beginning. I want to start this semester off right, even if it’s not something I want to do forever. Plus, I want to keep my job as simple and easy as possible.

I’ve stuck to my proverbial guns and I’ve been saying no to the crashers. For one class, I’ve taken the ones I could and told the others not to waste their time with me. For tomorrow, I’ll have to thank some people for their patience and tell them I can’t absorb them into my class, no matter how many desks there are in the classroom. Now the real test will be saying no to delinquent students when they want to turn things in late.

Now onto some other things… Last year, a drunk driver hit my car and totaled it. I got a small sum from my then  insurance company and never heard back from Subrogation after turning in my receipt for extended car rental. Somehow, I thought the case was as good as closed until this week. The City Attorney’s office sent me a letter stating that I was the victim of a crime committed last year. Yay! Now, I’m officially a crime victim. Now I have to gather all the incident-related receipts I can find and send them to the City Attorney’s office. I hope it all works out because I suffered some major inconveniences last year because someone killed my horse.

Having to get a new car, missing days of work, and arguing with an insurance company over the fair market value of a car are things I don’t want to go through again. Plus, I have car payments, which I didn’t have with the previous car.

I’ve tried to keep the details to a minimum, as I hope I don’t say too much. What I’ve never mentioned is that the real life details last year’s incident are very much full of strange coincidences and ironies, but those are things best mentioned in private conversations.

I’m so used to staying up too late, but I may just start going to bed early. I need to manage my energy for this semester. 15 1/2 more weeks of this.

2 thoughts on “First Days, Official Victimhood, Et Cetera

  1. Good luck with classes, man! Though it sounds like you’ve got everything pretty well in hand.

    Sorry about the car–that sucks. I hope the criminal part goes smoothly for you. Again, good luck!!

    ThePete’s last blog post..MAXED OUT (2006)

  2. Thanks! I’ve more or less survived this week, but I am beat!

    Regarding the victimhood, at least it’s a situation where the City Attorney’s office needs to determine what restitution I’m entitled to. In the next couple of days, I need to find those receipts and send them. I hope it it works out. Thanks again for the luck.

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