Resplendence: The Nakedness of the Gold Lady is the Work of God (Feuille 32)


The Gold Lady is the most perfect being in the world. The nakedness of the Gold Lady is the work of God. When a certain writer said the nakedness of woman is the work of God, he was thinking of the Gold Lady, of course. Her agent refuses to let me have access to any of her nudes, so I have to do a little imagination work myself. This is an attempt to show what she looks like naked.

To keep her skin nice and shiny, she uses a moisturizer made from hydrogen oil mixed with gold dust to replenish the gold in her skin. There’s also a great deal of SPF in her lotion so she doesn’t get a sunburn.

I showed Roger this picture and he said the Gold Lady doesn’t look like that. He thinks his Gold Lady drawings are better and he does not go around thinking about what the Gold Lady would look like naked. Of course he wouldn’t. He only thinks about the dresses. His only suggestion is to add some gold glitter. I disagree. The Gold Lady is a shining thing and she doesn’t need anything else to make her sparkle. The shininess of her skin, her breasts, and her butt are all perfect. The only thing that I would add to the naked image of the Gold Lady are some diamonds. Feet upon feet of a diamond necklace could be draped upon her and it would be perfect.

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